ONEARC awarded contract for the design, supply and installation of Semi-Automatic Mooring System
Auto mooring solutions

ONEARC has signed a contract to deliver a Semi-Automatic Mooring System to Port of Karlshamn. The system will be a fully redundant, 3 x 100 tonnes, mooring station. The Mooring system is the key to the new Port Layout in Karlshamn. The Mooring system allows vessels to be berthed with a long overhang since it eliminates the need for breast lines. This means that the berth can facilitate vessels that are otherwise too large for the berth. For this project conventional solutions of lengthening the quay line was not possible. The cost reduction of using a Semi-Automatic Mooring System was also significant compared to lengthening the quay.

The mooring system will constantly survey and communicate the mooring status to the Ship’s Bridge and to the Port operators. The Auto-tension function automatically adjusts the mooring tension depending on the conditions in the Port. Installation of the system will be done in the spring of 2021 and serve DFDS new vessel´s on the route Karlshamn – Klaipeda.

15 December, 2020

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