ONEARC to supply Automatic Mooring systems

ONEARC Advances Green Marine Solutions with New Order from METS Technology

Gothenburg, March 1, 2024 – ONEARC, a leader in marine innovation, proudly announces a significant new order for automatic mooring systems from METS Technology, a renowned Swedish contractor. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in ONEARC’s mission to revolutionize the marine industry and underscores its commitment to sustainability.

The agreement includes the delivery of automatic moorings and associated works for two berths in Sweden, showcasing ONEARC’s dedication to optimizing port operations while minimizing environmental impact.

Central to this partnership is the deployment of ONEARC’s flagship automatic mooring system, “ONE:MOORE200,” on the Swedish west coast in 2025. This deployment highlights the reliability and versatility of ONEARC’s solutions while supporting global efforts towards greener port operations.

CEO/Björn Asplind expressed excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with METS Technology to implement our state-of-the-art automatic mooring systems in Sweden. This collaboration underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the marine industry.”

The groundbreaking charging station, commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration’s Ferry operations, Trafikverket, is set to revolutionize the charging process for ferries, contributing to Trafikverket’s goal of achieving a fossil-free transport sector by 2045. The fully automated charging station eliminates the need for manual mooring and connection, streamlining the process for the ferry crew. Upon connection, the ferry can charge at up to 3 Megawatts, equivalent to the capacity of 12 fast chargers for cars. What sets this charging station apart globally is its integration of an automated mooring function, significantly reducing energy consumption.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Björn Asplind (CEO)

About ONEARC: ONEARC is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the marine industry, specializing in automatic mooring systems designed to optimize port operations while minimizing environmental impact. Committed to driving sustainability and efficiency, ONEARC empowers ports worldwide to transition towards greener practices.

1 March, 2024

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